Saturday, December 24, 2016

Scribbles Designs - Guest Design - #833 Blue Police Booth

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas Eve!  This is my last Guest Design post for Scribbles Designs and I have really enjoyed playing around with their lovely digital images!  Thank you to the Scribbles Team for the opportunity!

I'm sharing a card with you that is so unlike any image I've ever colored before.  I saw that Scribbles Designs had this super cool Blue Police Booth.  For Dr. Who fans, this would be known as a "Tardis".  Now I'll be honest, I know close to nothing about Dr. Who, but I happen to live with two fans, both my husband and son. They like to talk about the show and I feel completely in the dark!

So, in the spirit of research, I watched 2 episodes of Dr. Who the other night.  I'm going to be honest..the second episode scared me and I had to turn it off, or I wouldn't sleep that night!  I did think it was interesting and found myself getting into it a bit.  

So here's my Whovian Creation, I hope you like it!  I've colored up a few, including a birthday card that I plan to give one of the boys this coming year!

Here are the Copic colors I used to create a close version of Tardis Blue

Thanks for visiting my blog, Happy Holidays!


  1. I know nothing about Dr. Who either, but I do recognize a blue Tardis when I see one. Great job o the coloring.

  2. Wow! These are both fabulous! Your coloring is amazing!