Friday, July 20, 2018

Newton's Nook Designs’ 5 Year Celebration Blog Hop

Hello Newton fans and welcome to our 5 year anniversary blog hop at Newton's Nook Designs!!!  I'm so excited to be sharing a little more from this amazing July release, PLUS more prizes AND some extra freebies just for ordering!  Stay tuned for more information on that below!

A quick little shout out to Jennifer and Jeff Jackson to congratulate them on 5 years of producing amazing products and for allowing me to be part of this wonderful team!  Every month I'm wowed by their creativity and look forward to every release!

For my first card today, I've used Narly Mermaids to create a fun ocean scene! I colored up a the images using Copic markers.  I die cut the waves from the Sea Borders die set, then distress inked them in Tim Holtz Salty Ocean.  I flicked white acrylic paint cut 50/50 with water using my paint brush to create interest on the waves.  I used TH Squeezed Lemonade and Worn Lipstick distress inks on my sky to create the sunset and also added a little white flicked paint as if they stars were beginning to show at twilight.

I'm going to be giving this card to a friend who will be moving away soon.  I found this sweet little sentiment in the Paradise Palms stamp set, "Find Your Paradise", which seems like a perfect thing to say to someone embarking on a long move to a new area. I stamped it on the sky along with the little sun and a few birds flying across the horizon. 

I'm also adding a second card that I wasn't sure I was going to share.  But my husband said he liked it, so I thought I would!  I used the new 2x3 Flip Flop Life set and colored up a bunch of flip flops in different Copic colors, mounted them in a row on a kraft background. I added a couple of tiny fish from one of the other July release sets and I doodled the lines and dots around the card, which is a first for me.  What do you think of this look?

So thank you so much for joining me today!  Keep scrolling to comment on all the DT's blogs to be eligible to win FIVE $25 prizes in store credit! (Links Below)

Celebrate with us and enter to win!

To celebrate 5 years, Newton's Nook Designs is giving away a $25 store credit to spend in their online shop to 5 lucky winners!

Here's how to win:

Comment on the NND Design Team and Special Guest blogs (see list below)! The winner will be chosen at random from the collective blog hop posts. Make sure to check out each of their blogs and comment for your chance to win. You will not know which blog has been chosen so the more you comment on the better your chances are of winning! You have until Sunday, July 22 at 9pm EST to comment. Winners will be announced on NND blog post on Monday, July 23 and will need to contact us to claim their prize so make sure you check back to see if you've won!

Special Guests:

Newton's Nook Design Team:


  1. I really like your flip flop card. It's so colorful and fun.

  2. Your cards are really good. Doodles look so perfect . This is a really fun release, I love it all.

  3. love your colorful flip flops on kraft paper!

  4. Awww!!! Adorable and super cute cards!!!

  5. Both cards are absolutely adorable and sweet! Love how you've created a mermaid scene and rainbow flip-flops are just fantastic!!!

  6. I love your flip flop card and anything mermaid! So cute Amanda!

  7. Adorable flip flops and mermaid cards! They look so fun to color!

  8. Fantastic cards! The mermaid scene is delightful and your coloring looks wonderful.

  9. Amanda your cards make me smile - love love the COLORS - beautifully created - TFS

  10. Beautiful cards! I love how you colored everything :)

  11. I love the flip flop card! It has such a fun beachy feeling and the doodling is super cute! Your memaid card is adorable! I love the tail sticking out of the water! Fabulous! Thanks for helping us celebrate 5 years today!
    -Jen {Newton's Nook Designs}

  12. oh those cards are super adorarble!
    love them!

  13. Your flip-flops are so colorful and ready for a fun day at the beach!!! :) Great design!

  14. I love this release. Such creative sets and such unique designs.

  15. Love the bright colors on your cards especially the different color flip flops! Being a Florida girl, I love my flip flops! These cards are so beautiful!

  16. gorgeous background on the mermaid card and love the rainbow flipflops!

  17. That mermaid/narwhal card is so cute! :)

  18. Beautiful, fun and vibrant cards! Flip flops just make me happy. Fantastic!

  19. EEEEEK! Both of your cards are absolutely amazing, Amanda! I can't really swim but I'd totally jump in the sea with those cuties on your first card! And all those pairs of cute!

  20. fantastic cards! such a pop of color on the kraft card!


  21. Super cute cards! Love the pretty mermaid and the flip flops!

  22. Life IS better in flip flops!
    Love the sunset background. So pretty

  23. Your lines and dots are very cool, I love them! I'm glad your husband said you should share this card because I want to make one just like it LOL. Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. love both of your cards - the flip flop card is so fun:)

  25. I love, love, love those flip flops and your card using
    them is just gorgeous and fun. And your mermaid scene ...

  26. Your cards are gorgeous, love your colouring and inky background on the first card! Love the colourful flip flops on the second one!

  27. Your two cards are beautiful l I really love your idea of the paradise sentiment for your friend. I'm sure he will find your card very encouraging !

  28. Yep, your two cards are my favorite of the hop... don't tell the others! The colors are SOOOOOO VIVID

  29. What great the mermaids swimming and the fun flip flops in the sand.

  30. Wow--love your colorful cards.

  31. Love the Find your Paradise card

  32. Such fun cards! Love the flip flops!

  33. Love the colorful flip e👣

  34. Wow! The first card is gorgeous and vibrant!! The second one is super cool :)

  35. Oh my !! Both of your cards are great ! I love the Flipflop one so much ! It’s such fun ! But the colors on the first one are simply stunning !! You did an awesome job !!


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