Saturday, April 8, 2017

Stamping for Autism Awareness Blog Hop

Hi everyone!  Today I'm sharing a card with you that I made especially for the "Stamping for Autism Awareness Blog Hop".  I chose this gorgeous image from the "Lilac Time" stamp set by Power Poppy.  I chose this image because it was beautiful and I love the sentiment.  I think it's a wonderful encouragement to live true to yourself and bloom in your own way!  None of us are the same, so let's embrace our differences!

I Copic colored the lilac with BV04, BV08, BV31, BV34 and the leaves with YG06, YG13, YG67  Background paper is MFT Birthday Blowout Paper Pack 6x6

I thank you so much for stopping by..I hope you'll continue on the hop by following the link below
and enjoy the inspiration designed to bring awareness to Autism. 

Just a thought I wanted to share.  Maybe you're out in an eatery or store and you encounter a child struggling emotionally.  And the parent(s) of that child may be stressed and trying to finish up so they can get the child to a calmer place.  It only takes a moment to share a smile.  Maybe give that parent your place in line to help them maneuver through the checkout quicker.  Your positive gesture to that family will be so appreciated!

Follow this link to take the hop!!!  CLICK HERE TO TAKE STAMPING FOR AUSTISM AWARENESS!  I would like to thank my friends Veronica and Tenia for organizing and inviting me to join in this awareness hop! 


  1. What a gorgeous card, Miss Lady!!!! Thanks for joining us today!!

  2. What a beautiful card; great colouring, wow !
    Great tips you give; good for all of us to keep in mind.
    Thank you for sharing your talent in this great, heartwarming bloghop.
    Warm greetings from Belgium,

  3. Amazing coloring...I can fairly smell that gorgeous's the perfect focal point for your beautiful card. The kind thoughts at the closing of your post brought tears to my eyes. You must be a truly lovely person.

  4. Love you!!! Love your card!!! Absolutely beautiful coloring! Love your closing thought!! So true on so many levels!!! We never know what is going on internally. So glad to be joining you on this hop!!

  5. Such a beautiful, beautiful card - and so perfect for this hop!

    Your words are so true! My youngest has autism and the simple gesture of offering a kind smile instead of a harsh comment during a meltdown can make a world of difference!

    Small Bits of Paper

  6. Aj your card is beautiful and your parting message is SO important! A smile or kind gesture has yet to kill ANYONE but it could make a MONUMENTAL difference, in a good way, to someones day! Seriously, how hard is THAT? To this day, I tell my now grown children whether it is in a store, restaurant, highway or anywhere else, when you encounter people, be kind & considerate, as we have NO idea what is going on in their life today that maybe they need US to show them that someone cares!. I CARE! ♥

  7. Absolutely GORGEOUS card!!! Your coloring is divine.

  8. AJ, your card is gorgeous and I love, love, love your parting thought. Soooo true! I love you and love your heart sweet friend!

  9. Your card is gorgeous and the sentiment is spot on. Your words "live true to yourself and bloom in your own way" really hit home with me.
    I will continue to toss a smile and a friendly gesture towards struggling parents and caregivers everywhere! Thanks so much.