Saturday, April 15, 2017

Brother ScanNCut2 Dust Covers

Hi everyone, quick post here to let you know my mom has started a little business for herself in her retirement.  She designed a dust cover pattern for my Brother ScanNCut2 and wow did I love it!  Then a few friends wanted one and now she's sewing up a storm!  

She buys quality fabric and I love all the patterns she's chosen so far.  If you are interested in purchasing, I'm linking my RutabagaPie Designs FB here so you can check them all out.  Also including photos here of most of the fabric choices!


  1. These are cool and got me thinking. I don't have a cut and scan but I do have an annoying fax/printer/electronic thingy that belongs to my stamp club. I should get a seamstress type person to make a cover for it since I only use it once a month.

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