Monday, December 15, 2014

12 Tags of Christmas with a Feminine Twist 2014 Challenge

Good Monday morning everyone!  We are getting so close to the holidays, are you ready?  I did most of my shopping online this year, so now I'm just waiting on packages to be delivered and hope it all makes it here by Dec. 24th!  

I'm participating in the Ellen Hutson 12 Tags of Christmas with a Feminine Twist, and it's going to be one of my last in 2014!  I just couldn't not participate with such an amazing prize being offered by Ellen Hutson.  Check it out!

Ok, so now to my project...I was inspired by Julia Stainton's sled tag.  You can view her's here:

I absolutely adore old wooden sleds, in fact, I still have the one that my daddy would pull me around on.  I couldn't wait for a deep enough snowfall so we could get out the sleds!  It's pretty rickety now, and in todays modern plastic world, the kids might laugh at it.  But it certainly provided me with many sweet memories of winters past.  

Here's my version of a feminine winter sled!
Below you'll find a list of the products I used.  Thank you for stopping by..please leave a comment and considering following my blog!


  1. The sled is very fun and indeed girly! You made me think of sledding as a kid. We had an old wooden on too. I'm not sure if it was my older brother's or my dad's. The best hill for sledding had a creek at the bottom so you had to abandon sled until someone's dad brought home a wooden pallet that we'd pack with snow to cross the creek. Then you had to have good aim. It was so much fun. I can't stand to be cold now. ick

  2. Gorgeous! Love your version of the tag! Beautiful coloring and details! Thanks for linking me!